Trying to Date? Here is How to Go About It 

Humans are described as social beings. Despite each of us having our own diverse and unique personalities, ranging from introverts to extroverts, we all experience the need for one another. This desire drives us to interact with one another, most often leading to dating for young and middle-aged people. However, the diversities in our personalities either make other people very social and able to freely interact with others, while those who are naturally reserved find it very hard to say hi to the person seated next to them.

How to begin to say "hi"

This has led to more reserved people trying out online dating as the initial step to find those they actually like before heading out to meet them in person.

 Be it online through apps and dating sites or physically meeting people at social gatherings, dating can be a gruesome experience. Many have read about what to do and what not to when approaching a person you are attracted to, or the best and most effective tips for online dating, most of which never seem to work out. Regardless, below are key things you need to consider when dating.

Ensure you are ready

Dating should be a personal resolution you make when of sound state of mind and without external influence. You should not go into dating if you are feeling pressured by external factors like friends, job loss, a health scare, among others. These will lead you to get into a relationship with someone you are not attracted to or probably would never consider dating under ordinary circumstances. 

Your ideal partner

Before beginning, consider the qualities you desire in a partner. What is most important to you? You need to set your standards realistically as you formulate this. Do remember nobody is perfect so be ready to compromise should your most suitable person not check all your boxes. As you think about this, also identify what qualities you have that you feel would attract this ideal partner to you. Additionally, how can you better yourself to be more attractive to your potential partner? 

In your search for a mate, do not make the search the corner-stone of your life as you may lose yourself in it. The search can be a bit difficult for online dating as profiles might not convey much about the person. However, it should give you a hint of some of the person’s qualities. Once you have figured this out, put yourself out there and find someone who meets your criteria.

Starting things off

When you meet someone you are interested in, take time to know and understand them.

Do not feel the need to be in a hurry. Avoid generalizations or comparing them to past relationships you have been in.

Each person is unique in their own way.

Take your time to learn and understand who they are and establish if you still want to go ahead with the relationship. Keep communication open.

Live in the moment. However, you should not focus all your energy on the relationship and avoid friends and family. Be honest and vulnerable if you need to and let them also have a peek at the real you. 

Red flags

After assessing your partner, ask yourself what you want to get out of the relationship. The more you get familiar and comfortable with them, the more your partner lets heir guard down and opens up to you.

You will get to know some of their deeper traits. This gives you the chance to watch out for behavior patterns like communication and interest.

Such patterns will help you establish if the relationship is headed for the long haul, or you are experiencing unhealthy behaviors that will likely affect the stability of the relationship. This gets particularly difficult in online dating because some of these may not directly come out in a phone call or chat.

Handling rejection

As diverse as we are, it is acceptable that sometimes you may not find what you were hoping for, or they may not feel the same way you do towards them.

This is normal in any relationship and it is best to stay positive and honest with yourself. It is important to accept rejection as part of dating and not worry too much about it.

Photo by Adam Solomon on Unsplash