5 Dating Red Flags You Should Never Ignore

Ella couldn’t contain her excitement when she ran into close friend Ariel. “I’ve just begun to browse dating websites,” she enthused, “and I swear, it’s like visiting an ice cream store every time I consider online dating. So many flavors from which to choose, but I’m a little worried that I could wind up picking one that’s filled with nuts!”


Both women laughed at the joke but Ella admitted that she wasn’t being entirely candid. She was smart enough to know that online dating comes with risks and admitted that it’s always better to uncover character flaws early in a relationship to avoid heartbreak down the road.

Ariel shared 5 dating red flags with Ella, each of which is based on her own bad online dating experiences. You get the benefit of her wisdom, too!

Red flag #1: Your date’s lips are in perpetual third gear

Becoming too amorous too early – when you haven’t sent out a signal that you’re ready for intimacy – is a red flag that screams, “Not so fast!”

It happens. Some people are so eager to launch a romance, they might as well be driving around with blank wedding invitations in their car trunk. You get to call the signals. This red flag suggests emulating Danica Patrick and putting your car into reverse gear immediately.

Red flag #2: Past romances turn your meet-ups into dinner for three

Every new relationship includes as much talk about past relationships as either party wishes to disclose in the beginning, but if you notice that your new dude or dudette seems obsessed with past conquests, past relationships and too many comparisons between you and those ghosts for comfort, your new date may need a therapist more than a relationship.

Your ego is too precious to put up with this behavior and you deserve better. Get out of Dodge before it’s too late.

Red flag #3: He’s a jerk but his bad behaviors will change

Your mom warned you about bad people and now you’ve encountered the quintessential bad boy or girl courtesy of a dating website. Allow us to become your new BFF and recommend using this red flag to remove yourself from this equation early.

Bad behaviors, say psychologists, can make men and women more attractive for reasons that have scientific roots,

so prepare yourself for lots of abuse down the road if you ignore this red flag and insist on moving forward.

Red flag #4: Your date doesn’t respect your boundaries

Psychopath Jodi Arias is a convicted murderer who ignored every boundary the man she killed put up. She even used his dog door to sneak into his home and that’s one of the milder actions she took while on her campaign to wreak havoc in his life.

This behavior may seem extreme, but folks who refuse to abide by boundaries set by people they are dating are bad news. Ignore this flag at your own risk.

Red flag #5: Problems with our relationship? What problems?

Fear of confrontation plagues a larger percentage of society than most people realize, and there’s a long list of reasons for this that can originate in childhood and become exacerbated by fears of being rejected.

You don’t have to have a degree in human behavior to detect early signs of reluctance to talk about problems as they arise.

Keep this in mind: If he or she isn’t willing to address relationship problems now, what makes you think this will change over time?

Photo by cloudvisual.co.uk on Unsplash