5 Common Relationship Mistakes to Avoid

Relationships can be daunting, and there’s a lot of work required to find someone and to make that relationship flourish.

It’s a long and winding journey, and sometimes it even feels like one wrong move and you’re done for.

misunderstanding is around the corner...

But between online dating sites, and what I’m going to tell you here to help you fix some common mistakes people make in relationships, the process will be much easier to accomplish.

Taking Your Partner for Granted

One of the fastest ways to make your partner feel frustrated and unappreciated is to take them for granted. Not recognizing the little things they do for you, never saying thank you or acknowledging them, and never going out of your way to make them feel special are all surefire ways to make them feel unimportant.

You can avoid this by making sure you talk to them about how they show affection, and what they feel like they do that they want you to pay more attention to. Always make sure that your partner feels appreciated and valued by you.

Breaking or Testing Your Partner’s Boundaries

If taking your partner for granted is the fastest way to make them feel unimportant, this is the fastest way to make your partner feel like you have no respect for them. Respecting your partner’s boundaries is less of a “way to make them feel special”, and more of a “bare minimum” kind of thing.

If your partner says no, and for some reason you feel upset or slighted by it, absolutely do not just go against their wishes.

Bring it up to them as something that’s important to you, and try to find a solution that makes you both happy. Remember, it’s not the two of you against each other, it’s the two of you against the problem.

Becoming Passive-Agressive

Communication is key in any relationship, and doubly so with the person who is supposed to support you through everything and whom you are supposed to support through everything.

If you ever feel the need to be passive-aggressive, then there’s something that you and your partner need to talk about.

And if you’re angry or upset over something, whether related to your partner or not, those are valid feelings, but it is not valid to take them out on your partner. Instead, express how you feel in a healthier manner, or go do something to cool off a bit and then come back to the problem.

Talking About Your Partner Behind Their Back

Again, communication is key. If you are talking about your partner when they aren’t around, there’s a big problem either with your character, or with not feeling like you can bring something up to your partner, and whichever problem it is needs to be dealt with quickly, and you need to decide if that relationship is for you.

You and your partner need to be a team, and need to act like one. It is never acceptable to talk bad while your partner isn’t there, and if you do either you’re being unfair to your partner, or they’re being unfair to you, and if that isn’t something that can be solved then maybe they’re not the one for you.

Obsessing Over “What if” Scenarios

Everyone deals with insecurities, and in an intimate relationship it’s normal to be even more insecure. But you can’t let those insecurities get the better of you. If something or someone worries you, express that to your partner and let them reassure you that it’s in your head. There’s no need to worry about something that hasn’t happened and very likely will never happen.

Relationships are hard, and can be scary. But all that work is worth it in the end when you have someone you feel like you can trust with anything, and you have a friend and a supporter for life. It takes time to find the right person, and it takes work to keep them.

##Communication is key!

and there are plenty of online dating sites to lessen the process of finding someone that you’re compatible with.

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash