The dos and donts when choosing profile photos!

Online dating has become the trend in today’s world, whether you are old or young. The photos for online dating are extremely important. However, choosing the photos for your dating profile is not as easy as you think. According to some reports, about 80% of the reasons why people pass a potential match is thanks to their photos. The followings are the dos and don’ts for online dating photos.

pic a better picture!

The Dating Photos Dos

Show your face

A photo of your full face is a must for the dating photos. Some dating sites don’t even approve your profile unless you have the photo to show your full face. You should make this headshot as the first photo so that your matches know your look from the beginning.

Get the sunlight in

**Natural light **is the best magic when it comes to photograph. In photos, the sunlight could work its magical power to highlight your best features and make eyes pop.

Share a beautiful smile

Smile is one of the best as well as the most telling features, as to everyone. A beautiful smile reflects warmth, kindness, and positivity, which are important and good qualities in a partner.

Picture what you love to do

After you have posted the headshot with your full face, you should also upload the action shots of you doing what you love, such as going on the epic hike, surfing by the beach, cooking your favorite dish, seeing a live show, or others. These kinds of photos could become the good conversation starters and could lead to finding something in common.

Post a full picture of you

A recent full picture of you could give your matches a better idea about what you look like, and it is recommended to post at least one.

Flatter in a right angle

Believe or not, angles are everything. It goes without saying that it is important to choose a flattering angle, which shows the best features of you in the way making you feel comfortable as well as confident.

Picture with pet

Pets could be used wisely as a drawing card. The pictures of you with pets could serve two purposes; one is to show that you are caring and responsible, and the other is to provide something to talk about, which may make you different from most of the others.

The Dating Photos Dont’s

Get lost in crowd

Even if you look the best in the group photo with certain people like family or best friends, it is not a good idea to post a group photo in your profile, and if you really like to have a certain group picture in your profile, make it as the last one to avoid mistaking who you are.

Feel pressured

You should not feel pressured to show more than what you feel comfortable in your profile photos to look hot or sexy. As a matter of fact, choosing the photos for your profile should be about finding the best photos that could show your character and personality rather than the photos that you look the hottest.

Take selfies

Like it or not, selfies are not the best pictures because the filters, which we apply to the selfies, do not make a precise representation of ourselves. It is recommended to get a friend taking photos for your profile instead of selfies.

Hide under hats or sunglasses

The photos, in which you have the hats or sunglasses on, hide what you look like and should be avoided for your online profile as they could cast unflattering and unpleasant shadows.

Post old ancient photos

Your potential matches are certainly not interested in what you looked like 10 or 5 years ago. Also, the old photos could cause the wrong idea about you, like being too young and immature, which could affect how others take you seriously.

It stands to reason that if you want your right match falling for the current you, you should post the current photos of you rather than the photos looking like you in many years ago.

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash