Top 5 Dating Advice for LQBTQ that you must know

You know well that relationships are not for fainthearted as they are challenging. Disseminate the love relationship of those around you, and you will realize that it comes with a pack of challenges. It is even worse to us members of the LGBTQ community; we have our own share of setbacks and challenges regarding dating and relationships.

Yeah love is love!

While LGBTQ relationship is not easy, it can be fun and exciting if you follow specific guidelines and advice. Doing so will ensure that your relationship remains successful and positive. Here, we present the top five LGBTQ relationship tips that everyone must know. Read on to learn more.

#1 Be your Self and Date someone out as you are

There is a reason why we advise LGBTQ couples to date only if both of them are at the same stage of Coming out Spectrum. Most couples who report cases of power struggles are usually of the difference coming out stage.

If your partner is in the advanced stage of coming out, he/she will be invariably dissatisfied if you are more closeted. Your partner might be promising you that she will finally come out.

Well, I know you madly want that partner, but you must know that in most cases, this doesn’t work. If you don’t want tensions in your love relationship, choose someone you are in the same stage of coming out the spectrum.

#2 Be Honest

Whether online dating or real-life dating, your new partner wants to know everything about you. It is advisable to answer those questions asked by your partner in the most honest manner.

Lying about yourself gives room for misunderstands, which eventually breaks your relationship. Do you want your date to take this path? Simply, get to honestly know your partner and let him genuinely know you.

#3 Spend Nights Apart

If you are starting to date, we advise that you spend some nights apart.

Seeing less of a person increases the sense of wonder and amazement.

Also, you would be interested in meeting to know and discover new aspects of other individuals. While there is nothing wrong with meeting every night, it breeds boredom which can kill your relationship even before you move in together.

You should choose some nights for online dating, and others for spending together. The success of LGBTQ dating lies on the excitement, and your partner should miss you for some time to be excited.

#4 Leave your Ex out of your Discussions

We always talk about things that we love, and you don’t want your new partner to think that you still love your Ex by introducing her/him to your discussions. You know, your new partner should be all you know, and you must give them the necessary attention.

By introducing your Ex to your discussions, the attention drifts from your partner to the Ex.

Perhaps you fought with your Ex, and you want to prove to the new partner that your relationship with Ex is irreconcilable. But do you know that no one wants to hear about your wars? On another note, you don’t know how many members of the LGBTQ community your new partner has slept with. They must have slept with your Ex also. I meant, introduce your Ex only if you want to open a can of worms.

#5 Spend some Time before Moving in Together

We have already mentioned the importance of not spending all nights together; this is true also for not moving in together.

We know that you are excited about your new partner and you think it is the best thing that you can ever have.

However, spend some time learning about them before deciding to move on together.

It is advisable to date for more than six months before settling together.

By doing so, you will have learned almost everything about your partner. I would advise you to stay put until you feel 100 percent sure about your partner and relationship. Definitely, this will take more than six months.

Follow the above guidelines and your LGBTQ relationships will work.

Also, note that most of the things that make other relationships work are the same things needed for perfect LGBTQ relationships.

Things like respect, kindness, attention, good sex, among others, are vital.

Be sure to keep here for expert advice on LGBTQ love relationship matters. Happy dating.

Photo by Yoav Hornung on Unsplash