While you seek a mate, even before you date, read, read, & read! 

Today’s dating scene is much more complex and challenging than days gone by!

The world has gotten smaller with technology. In yesteryear, young couples were chaperoned, and the parents were eager to meet their child’s dating interests.

Even in the Victorian Era, young women were protected, and often represented by a dating protocol. This protocol might mean showing up to a date with flowers, gifts, and the best intentions.

Men were often depicted as having to sell their good qualities before a girl could step out the door with them.

books about dating... with a twist

Yes, dating has changed- but it’s not all bad! 

 Dating has become a plethora of choices via websites that specialize in groups. Yes, online dating has not only become popular, but maneuverable. The fact is one can more or less size up what a person might be seeking, even before the person meets the opposite sex. 

 Now, let’s think about the intelligent way to handle online dating or even dating among friend’s referrals. The fact remains that whether or not its online dating or other types of dating one should become savvy of good signs or signs of division. The key here is to read about dating, and to consult dating books to know what you might be up against! You need not be a detective of character, but be a good listener.

 Now, I understand we are only human. We love and love to be in love. We seek chemistry, personality traits, and happiness. We seek security and the idea of a future.

By reading books on dating, one can get a huge perspective on who you are, and what you bring to the table, as well as the other person.

Remember, that no one is perfect, and each person does not exist to fulfill all of your goals. Some of them must come from you! 

Books can take you to romantic places! Read this first! 

Here are few key reading tips that can give you a grip on the dating game. It can open your eyes, and help you to understand how relations can thrive and work. In the book, Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, we learn about the rules and principles of seduction.

It allows people to understand that their partner can be manipulative, and often take them on a path where their dreams might be fulfilled, but not necessarily!

Yes, it is a bit Machiavellian. Your partner can promise anything. The truth is in the actions! Now, that can be a life lesson.

There is also an audiobook version on Audible!

A bucket list? Why not? 

Furthermore, in the novel, Our Bucket List by Lux Reads we learn what it means to form an inspirational, fun, and creative dating agenda.

It shows how adventures and experiences can bring two souls together. Your partner might like you to go skiing, and you might want to go sky diving. The trick is to form an alliance in shared experiences that will bring joy, laughter, and often thrilling challenges.

By journaling, your experiences will morph your dating trips into memories. Now, that is romantic. Remember, the time he fell off the small cliff when his ski dislodged? You were there to comfort him. Remember, when you skydived and held unto him for dear life. You are afraid of heights! 

The reflections of a man! Read this one, for sure! 

 Now, let’s not forget the story Reflections of a Man by Amari Soul. This is a book ladies will adore.

It instructs them not to treasure a man who does not respect you! Additionally, it is good for male readers, as it educates them on the emotional needs of women.

This book will undoubtedly teach you to improve the quality of your personal relationships. It shows how to bring integrity, caring, and equality into the relationship. Moreover, it alerts partners to maintain a standard in their relationships.

As for additional techniques or tactics in dating, remember to be yourself! Do not be afraid to let your guard down, and share tidbits of your life.

Humor is something that enhances a date. Everyone likes to laugh. It brings one to the lighter side of the heart. Be genuine. Be caring. Be generous of the soul. Your love will grow, from a mere date to something marvelous! Ain’t love grand?

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